A medical research in Singapore revealed that radiotherapy and chemotherapy caused direct death of one-third of cancer patients. However, recent findings by a group of researchers pointed out that Ganoderma Lucidum (GL) extract (also known as red mushroom) can cut cancer cells and tumor recurrence. To elaborate further, the study in (2006) by JT Xie; et al., found out that (GL) extract inhibits proliferation of certain type of human colorectal cancer cells. In a separate study, Ganoderic acid T (GA-T) an anti-tumor candidate is derived from the mycelia of the same medicinal mushroom. Furthermore, results of a study in (2004) by Jiang J; et al., at Cancer Research Laboratory of the Methodist Research Institure, Indianapolis, suggest that Ganoderma Lucidum inhibits the growth of MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cells by modulating Akt/NF-kappaB signaling and could have potential therapeutic use for the treatment of breast cancer

Chemotherapy is one of the three options mostly recommended by conventional medicine aside from surgery and radiation in the treatment of cancer. It is one approach to cancer treatment which millions of people around the world have been subjected to and more often than not, resulted only to death for late-stage cancer patients as revealed by several investigations. It is not uncommon to hear people saying, “I should have not pushed him had I known he would not make it.” The role that chemotherapy plays in hastening or even causing death of late-stage cancer patients is being questioned. Further, the study revealed that two out every five patients had suffered significant poisoning from the treatment.

Recently, a study by the National Confidential Enquiry into Patient Outcome and Deaths in Britain had studied 600 cases of cancer sufferers who passed on within 30 days of treatment. Majority of them, declared “incurable” by doctors, had still been put on chemotherapy sessions for palliative purposes. The study found out that one in every four of the deaths had either been sped up or even caused by chemotherapy.

Meanwhile, Dr. Youpeng Huang, Director of Beijing International Anti-Aging Medical Center ventilated that cancer treatment today around the world has been based on misunderstanding. He reasoned that the trend is simply focused on trying to kill the tumor cells by using radiotherapy and chemotherapy which also kills the cells of the immune system, resulting in weakened or loss of the body’s defense mechanism. Consequently, because damage even on healthy cells and organs are so severe, many cancer patients die during the rehabilitation phase (and for some, not even able to finish the full session especially with the elderly patients). The report also quoted that a medical findings from Singapore indicated that radiotherapy and chemotherapy caused direct death of one-third of cancer patients.   Huang added that human body has necrosis as well as cancer cells. Growth of those cells is a product of the body metabolism. Overcoming tumor growth depends on the prevention. It is one-sided approach to apply treatment by surgery or irradiating the tumor to cure cancer patients and compromising the immune system as well.

A sensible way to fight cancer is to try to eradicate the cancer cells and help the immune system recover through nutritional supplementation or otherwise known as complimentary/alternative medicine or CAM alongside conventional protocols. Although studies show that early stage cancer patients can recover through radiotherapy and chemotherapy, medical experts assessed that mid-term or late stage patients are generally too weak after radiotherapy and chemotherapy to regain their health. The drastic treatment, in fact, frequently hastens death.   More often than not, clinical investigations show that most cancer patients are not diagnosed until in the mid or late stage when patients are already suffering from physical discomfort and compromised immunity. Thus, experts’ advice measures to enhance general health conditions and improve immunity should be taken prior to radiation therapy to expect the best result. It is unwise to rush into the treatment without first laying a good foundation. Patients must have a positive mental attitude, lead a healthy lifestyle by not smoking and drinking, have proper nutrition and supplementation.

The report recommended that cancer patients take Ganoderma lucidum products at least two weeks before chemotherapy because it improves the cellular activity and reduce damage to the immune system due to chemotherapy. However, the report added these effects take time as one cannot expect improvement overnight. According to Chinese Pharmacopoeia, Ganoderma lucidum can considerably improve body’s immunity and is recommended for cancer patients while undergoing drug treatment, as well as for their post-operation recuperation.

Polysaccharides, the active substances of Ganoderma lucidum, enhance the growth and multiplication of the immune cells and macrophages phagocytosis. At the same time, they can activate lymphocyte generating stimulating factors to break down telomerase activity in and accelerate the death of the cancer cells. Ganoderma triterpenes, however, can promote human metabolism and detoxification function, as well as inhibit the growth and metastasis of cancer cells. It also helps improve appetite and cut side effects caused by medication.


“Ganoderma works in the treatment of cancer because it helps cleanse the body from toxins and it helps strengthen the immune system. It enhances liver detoxification, thus improving liver function and stimulating the regeneration of liver cells – making it a very important supplement for those who have liver cancer. “- Let’s connect

“Ganoderma lucidum also suppressed cell adhesion and cell migration of highly invasive breast and prostate cancer cells, suggesting its potency to reduce tumor invasiveness. Thus, Ganoderma lucidum clearly demonstrates anticancer activity in experiments with cancer cells and has possible therapeutic potential as a dietary supplement for an alternative therapy for breast and prostate cancer. However, because of the availability of Ganoderma lucidum from different sources, it is advisable to test its biologic activity.”  – Daniel Sliva, Ph.D., leading scientist at the Cancer Research Laboratory of Methodist Research Institute of Indianapolis

Prevention is better than cure. Most health conscious users of Ganoderma lucidum consider it as a treasure because of the health benefits they enjoy from using it. It has received increasing attention from the medical community worldwide.

God made the world complete in itself. He created plants to feed and nourish us. There were no synthetic drugs. Herbs are made by God and no amount of man’s genius displayed in his chemically produced drug can copy the real thing. Drugs have side effects which destroy organs through prolong use. That is why it is available in milligrams because it has toxicity level. Once, you only have hypertension, next thing you know after indiscriminately prescription-happy doctors give it to patients (because of some exchange deal such as sponsored trips abroad family included), you might end up having multi-organ failure. If conventional medical practitioners would consider these herbs and acknowledge its beneficial effects as an adjuvant treatment for instance cancer or other diseases for that matter, we will have less death from chemotherapy and healthier people in the world.


Ganoderma lucidum extract inhibits proliferation of SW 480 human colorectal cancer cells Ganoderma lucidum (Reishi) in cancer treatment.


DXN’s  100 percent organic Reishi  Ganoderma (RG) and Ganoderma Lucidum (GL)  

90-day old ganoderma lucidum

100% extract from from 18-day old mycelium of Ganoderma lucidum.

DXN’s Reishi  Ganoderma (RG) and Ganoderma Lucidum (GL) known to have a high therapeutic effect, are just the right choice to address the need for nutritional supplement while undergoing treatment. Otherwise known as superior herb, Ganoderma has been used even during the ancient times.       The first Chinese Emperor Chin Shi Huang Ti even called it the “Herb of Deathlessness”. The Emperors of the ancient period respected the mushroom so much that they have given it names like “The Elixir of Immortality”, “Herb of Spiritual Potency” and “Soup of the Emperor with a Thousand Mistresses”.


  1. Polysaccharides (THE CLEANSER) – strengthen the natural healing ability of the body by improving the body’s immune system, eliminating viruses, bacteria and other toxins.
  2. Organic Germanium (THE BALANCER) – increases the effect of oxygen absorbed by the blood up to 1.5 times, promotes proper cell metabolism and prevents tissue degeneration.
  3. Adenosine (THE REGULATOR) – improves blood circulation by inhibiting blood platelet aggregation and regulates body organs to work properly.
  4. Triterpenoids (THE BUILDER) – activate the nucleus of body cells, which is responsible for directing their growth, metabolism, reproduction and functioning.
  5. Ganoderic Essence (THE REGENERATOR) – rejuvenates body tissues and beautifies the skin.

The 18 day old Red Mushrooms (young Ganoderma). It is the mycelium (root part) of Ganoderma. The content of Polysaccharide and Organic Germanium in Ganocelium is more concentrated than that of Reishi Gano. It serves also as a source of oxygen.

  1. Polysaccharides – 4 times more than that of RG
  2. Organic Germanium – 4 times more than that of RG
  3. Vitamins – for normal growth & activity of the body
  4. Minerals – essential components of body substances

Combined RG – GL Benefits

Anti-HIV-1 and anti-HIV-1-protease substances from Ganoderma lucidum.

The abstract from the Research Institute for Traditional Sino-Japanese Medicines, Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University, Japan, conducted by researchers el-Mekkawy SMeselhy MRNakamura NTezuka YHattori MKakiuchi NShimotohno KKawahata TOtake T. reads: “ A new highly oxygenated triterpene named ganoderic acid alpha has been isolated from a methanol extract of the fruiting bodies of Ganoderma lucidum together with twelve known compounds. The structures of the isolated compounds were determined by spectroscopic means including 2D-NMR. Ganoderiol F and ganodermanontriol were found to be active as anti-HIV-1 agents with an inhibitory concentration of 7.8 micrograms ml-1 for both, and ganoderic acid B, ganoderiol B, ganoderic acid C1, 3 beta-5 alpha-dihydroxy-6 beta-methoxyergosta-7,22-diene, ganoderic acid alpha, ganoderic acid H and ganoderiol A were moderately active inhibitors against HIV-1 PR with a 50% inhibitory concentration of 0.17-0.23 mM.”


NOTE: You may avail DXN products by contacting MARIA ARLENE V. GOYENECHEA through 09217973661 or email me at





Disclaimer: The above mentioned products are herbal food supplements designed to assist in the maintenance of general well- being through regular use. The information have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. DXN does not condone or advocate self-diagnosis or self-medication in any way. If you have a condition which requires medical diagnosis and treatment, it is important that you visit your healthcare professional.


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