Here is an alternative, cost effective and healthy way (literally!) of doing business with less risk . Kaunti lang pong puhunan. You may contact me. Open your mind to new opportunities. We will help you achieve your dreams.Why? DXN is a stable company. Please do not hesitate to call us as we will teach you the step by step procedure. We will work as a team so you can establish your business with ease. On top of that, we will help our body get healthy as well as our love ones.

Ito po ay isang alternatibo, mura at malusog na paraan ng pagnenegosyo na walang malaking risk o panganib na malulugi dahil konti lang po ang puhunan. Buksan lang po natin ang ating isipan sa mga bagong pagkakataon. Tutulungan po namin kayong makamit ang inyong pangarap. Bakit? Isa pong matibay at establisadong kumpanya ang DXN.

DXN is ranked as the Top 40 direct selling company worldwide in 2009 as “DSN Global 100: The Top Direct Selling Companies in the World” by Direct Selling News (DSN), USA.

DXN is a member of The Cosmetics, Toiletry and Fragrance Association of Malaysia (CTFA), an association that works to promote trust and confidence in the personal care industry and to ensure that regulations are competitive and internationally harmonized.

Known for its outstanding management, DXN has been awarded the Direct Selling Award for Outstanding Management at the Direct Selling Festival (Middle East) held in Dubai in April 2009.

DXN is worldwide and you can have business in other countries  if you have friends abroad by inviting them. The countries are Australia | Bahrain | Bangladesh | Canada | China | Colombia | Dominican Republic | Ethiopia | Hong Kong | Hungary | India | Indonesia | Jordan | Kenya | Kuwait | Malaysia | Mauritius | Mexico | Middle East | Mongolia | Nepal | Oman | Pakistan | Panama | Peru | Philippines | Puerto Rico | Qatar | Saudi Arabia | Singapore | South Africa | Sri Lanka | Sudan | Taiwan | Thailand | USA | Yemen

DXN brings you a series of health products made of 100 % natural raw materials without any artificial preservatives, colourings or flavourings.

The quality of DXN products is always given priority in every single step of production. The recognition of ISO 14001, ISO 9001, and TGA indicates that our products have attained international standards.

Please accept my invitation and notify me by writing to my e-mail mgoyenec@yahoo.com or text me at 09223914870/ 4555473  for appointments.

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DXN Aquazeon™ Energy Water System is a 5-stage filtration water system made of the best selected quality materials to solve most water quality problems. It is a perfect water system to purify, energize, anti-oxidize and magnetize water. It effectively removes 99.99% of water-borne disease causing bacteria and viruses in drinking water.
With DXN Aquazeon™ Energy Water System, the taste, odour and clarity of water are significantly improved. It ensures the fulfillment of a water filtration system for your maximum satisfaction.
DXN Aquazeon™ Energy Water System
Stage 1 Doulton Sterasyl Ceramic
  • A 0.9 micron ceramic filter made from highly compressed ceramic diatom impregnated with silver.
  • It has a tightly controlled complex pore structure with unparalleled filtration properties.
  • Lifespan: 1 year
  • Removes suspended solids, organic chemicals, hydrogen sulphide, cysts and pathogenic bacteria such as Typhoid, Cholera, Bilharzia and Amoebas.
  • Silver inhibits the growth of bacteria.
Stage 2 Activated Carbon
  • It is 100% made from Coconut Shell Activated Carbon which consists of high Iodine number of 1050mg/g.
  • It has been certified to comply with the HALAL requirements according to Islamic Law by the Islamic Development Department of Malaysia.
  • Lifespan = 2500 gallons water/ 1 year
  • It acts as the best material to reduce and remove chlorine, taste, odour, insecticide, synthetic detergents and organic materials from water.
Stage 3 Bio Ceramic
  • It is made from various kinds of ceramics mixed with mineral oxides. The mixture of these materials will emit bio Far-Infrared Rays (FIR).
  • Lifespan = 3 years
  • FIR causes resonance with water molecules. It ionizes and activates water molecules in our body cells and blood thus improves our blood circulation and health condition.
  • Magnetic waves from FIR reduce the size of the water molecule clusters. They enhance water absorption into body cells to increase their oxygen and energy capacities.
Mineral Stone
  • This rare natural mineral stone is a type of granite porphyry. Its major compositions are hydrous silicon and aluminum dioxide. It also contains 59 trace elements and rare elements.
  • Lifespan = 3 years
  • It combines with water to generate indispensable minerals for the body, such as Calcium, Iron, Silicon, Magnesium and Aluminum. At the same time, it revitalizes the water, by emitting Far-Infrared Rays (FIR) to produce `living water`.
  • The stone also balances the pH value through the process of ion exchange which neutralizes the acidic water into mild alkaline.
  • A mineral with natural source of negative ions and Far-Infrared Rays (FIR).
  • Lifespan = 3 years
  • The far infrared energy that tourmaline naturally emits causes the body to resonate at the same frequency as water to enhance water absorption in the body.
  • It is used to transform water naturally into mild alkaline water, reduce water clustering, enhance water taste, minimize water odour and increase DO (Dissolved Oxygen).
  • According to research, Tourmaline can activate animal & plant metabolism.
  • Tourmaline treated water effectively moisturizes the skin and restores the pH balance of body fluid.
Stage 4 Granular Activated Carbon (Post Carbon)
  • It is 100% made from Coconut Shell Activated Carbon, which consists of high iodine number of 1050mg/g.
  • t has been certified to comply with the HALAL requirements according to Islamic Law by the Islamic Development Department of Malaysia.
  • Lifespan = 2 years
  • Improves taste, odour, colour and turbidity of the water according to drinking standard.
Ionic Ball
  • Ionic balls consist of octadecyl 3-(3´5-di-tert-butyl-4´-hydroxyphenyl) propionate, a powerful antioxidant.
  • Lifespan = 2 years
  • Improves the reducing power by removing free radical that may cause diseases.
  • Lower the Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) value of the water.
Stage 5 Magnetizer
  • The magnets are placed north-to-north (8 times more powerful than a normal magnet) for a higher performance.
  • Activates water by breaking the water clusters into smaller size.
  • Provides more oxygen into the water.

Other products includes : Health Food Supplements, Food & Beverages Product Series, Household Product Series,  Personal Care Series, Water Treatment, Skin Care & Cosmetic Series, . Use the products, get healthy while earning.

Health Food Supplements


We can protect our bodies with a plant that, no matter how small, stores powerful, concentrated nutrients. How powerful? This tiny plant has loads of these essential nutrients:
1. Beta carotene – ten times more than that of carrots.

2. Protein – safe, vegetable protein; fat and cholesterol – free unlike meat.

3. Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) – a good source of GLA for breastfeeding mothers for developing healthy babies

4. Iron – builds a stronger immune system with natural iron that’s easier to absorb than iron supplements.

This burst of nutrients is easy-to-digest and is absorbed quickly.

With these tremendous qualities of spirulina, it was named superfood in the 1990s. This recognition came after so many years – 3.5 billion years, in fact. The length of time of its evolution has made it the nature’s longest living food.

The resilient quality of spirulina to survive even the worst environmental condition for billion of years – while some plants and animals species became extinct,  seemed to communicate to us the noble purpose of nature – for the modern man to utilize spirulina in some of his ailments and health problems.

Spirulina and Anemia

Iron deficiency, the most common nutrient deficiency worldwide, results in condition known as Iron Anemia, prevalent among women, children, older people, or women on weight loss diets. While iron builds healthy red blood cells and strong immune system, over the counter iron supplements are most commonly not well absorbed by the human body.

But spirulina’s iron content was proven effective in a 30-day study involving eight young women with hypochronic anemia (blood hemoglobin content is lower than normal). With four grams of spirulina after each meal, the subjects’ blood hemoglobin content increased by 21% – from 10.9 to 13.2 – a satisfactory level not anymore considered anemic.

Spirulina and Cholesterol

High cholesterol levels, which we get from the food we eat, lead to high risks of strokes and heart attacks. Dietary improvements thus, are common slogans of campaigns promoting fat-reducing practices in meal preparation.

In Japan, thirty male employees diagnosed with high cholesterol, mild hypertension, and hyperlipidemia (abnormally high concentration of fats in the blood) were subjects of a study. These subjects were asked not to change their diet, except adding spirulina. After four weeks, total serum cholesterol dropped from 244 to 233 (4.5%).

Spirulina and Cancer

Several health books agree that foods and herbs that contain high levels of chlorophyll, a pigment that spirulina is rich in, show pharmacological evidence of cancer prevention. An explanation made by “One Earth Herbal Sourcebook” author Allan Keith Tillotston suggests that pigments in such foods “bind and thus stimulate excretion of cancer-causing chemicals.” When this happens, naturally occurring cancer cells will be stopped from developing into symptomatic cancer.

For example, laboratory animals used in an Oregon State University were exposed to cancer-causing substance. Results of the study had it that those that were given chlorophyll supplement before the exposure developed far fewer tumors than those that were not given the supplement.

For more information please contact:  mgoyenec@yahoo.com or text me at 09223914870/ 4555473  for appointments or you can go to your nearest DXN outlets in your area. Have a good day and thank you for reading my blog. God bless you. Arigato gozaimasu. Merci. Gracias.

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