April 29,2011. It was the wedding of the century. Helicopters hovered above to cover the event. Security from all forces joined to control the crowd. It was excellent and a good dry run for the coming London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Young women even sported Union Jack painted on their entire faces. One spectator reasoned why he went to see the occasion: he met his wife when Prince Charles married Lady Diana in 1981 and kind of reminisce the event by watching the William Kate wedding.  Young girls said they wanted to see Prince Harry and some even proposed marriage.  Another remarked she just wanted to get a glimpse of anybody. Some teenagers showed up in their wedding dresses.

The Big Ben towered over as a silent witness of another historic royal event.

Jubilant crowds gathered at Hyde Park where two giant video panels with big bold letters just below it which read: LONDON WILL AND KATE. The crowd at the park was getting very rowdy according to a reporter. They were shouting all the time and everyone was excited.

It was a gathering of united nations literally. Name a country, and it was represented.

Inside Westminster Abbey, sea of elegantly designed hats with matching dresses of every imaginable color waved up and down being worn by important ladies of the day. The full color of ceremonial guards in their red and black uniform was a spectacle as they marched on the streets with choreographed like movement.

When the Prime Minister James Cameron arrived with his wife Samantha, he was greeted by the Dean at the entrance of Westminster Abbey.

The mother of the bride, very calm and composed Carol Middleton showed up in her quite simple light blue dress with matching hat. She was greeted by the Dean of Westminster Abbey.

When Prince William and Prince Harry came out boarding well polished car (bearing no plate number) the crowd cheered, tiny Union Jacks on their hands waving to the princes. The crowd was just very excited. Prince William and Harry saluted to acknowledge the Honor Guards. The Prince was awesome in his scarlet military uniform to signify his honorary rank of Colonel of the Irish Guards. On his chest, he wore his Garter sash and star, showing his Royal Air Force “wings” and Golden Jubilee medal. The bells tolled to announce his arrival. The Dean of Westminster greeted him. The strong bond between the monarch and Westminster Abbey was evident.

Charles, Prince of Wales, arrived and beside him, Camille Bowles, the Duchess of Cornwall. Reports said she designed the dress she wore herself.  The Prince of Wales was reported to be heavily involved in the planning from the music, to the reception in the palace and in other aspects. Since the announcement of the Royal wedding, 21,000 letters of congratulations were received according to reports. The Queen Elizabeth in her elegant yellow dress, matched with hat and bag of the same color, together with husband Prince Philip noticeably received the loudest cheers on their way to Westminster Abbey.

When Britain’s Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip entered trumpets greeted them and the organ played but somewhat a little subdued. The Dean of Westminster Abbey Rev. Dr. John Hall greeted the royal couple. There were little pleasantries and conversations noted.

Meanwhile, in a separate location, Kate Middleton was carefully making her way out and boarded the black car accompanied by her proud father Michael Middleton who seemed to make sure everything is alright. With such a crowd around, it must be an emotional moment to any father whose daughter was going to get married with a Prince and the future King of England.

The royal bride waved to the adoring spectators. It was such a fantastically pleasant sight to behold, a delightful treat and a temporary relief of what was happening on the other side of this troubled world. It was such a breather to forget and de-stress from the busy life.

Four police escorts on motorcycle accompanied the royal bride on the way to Westminster Abbey. Although it was a little bit cloudy it was not that bad to ruin the spectacle of the occasion. There were cheering, shouting, whistling in excitement and pure joy among the crowd.

With an air of reserved dignity and modesty she elegantly walked beside her father, in a little while followed by her bridesmaid Philippa Middleton, and cute little flower girls in their cream-colored beautiful dresses with the page boys. One of the girls was caught on camera yawning while holding her flower tiara on her head.

Kate Middleton was dressed in exquisite ivory-white satin gown with laced long sleeves. The elegant simplicity of her gown has made her beautiful face stand out.  Her much talked about dress has been the topic of miles and miles of newsprint, in every tabloid, broadsheets and magazines. The father held his hat on his left hand and the hand of the bride he was about to give away on his right. Bells were ringing and all suddenly became silent, just then the Dean of Westminster Abbey greeted Kate. Some warm words and pleasantries were exchanged between Kate Middleton with the Dean of Westminster Abbey as the procession was prepared.

The procession started.

What a moment it must have been for Michael Middleton as a proud father of Kate. Trumpets gently announced the start of the ceremony, the orchestra played the music and the voices of the choir joined in harmony. Prince Harry in his black uniform escorted Prince William. The bride and his father Michael Middleton walked down the tree-lined aisle to finally meet at the designated place and the wedding has begun.  The eyes of Prince William looked at his bride’s eyes so lovingly with such gentleness and never left them as he said his vow. It was a magical, emotional moment.

Kate’s eyes were glued just the same at William’s eyes while saying her vow to him. The happiness in William’s eyes was undeniable as his lips revealed with his dimples showing in a gentle smile while looking to his beautiful bride.

What the whole world might be wishing for the newlywed will be just like in a fairytale-TO LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER. What the writer wish for them? The paparazzi not to hunt them down as what they did to late Lady Diana.


British Broadcasting Company


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