Salamat sa Dios, (Thank GOD) my son passed his thesis defense on COMIC BOOK

February 21,2011 midnight

I was  still awake, (and my son too)  helping type his thesis. Revision was needed.  REVISIONS WERE NEEDED.  The previous has corrections from his thesis consultant. There were a lot.  He still has not finished his comic book illustrations and needed final editing. We were using two computers. Our PC and one lap-top which he borrowed.  Clock ticked…seconds..minutes …hour..hours and hours…

I posted on a social network this: I am the typist of my son’s thesis. Defense today. A comic book on Ifugao epic hero. Still awake at 3AM. Slept a little bit, and typed again while Derek is doing his final drawings. Salamat sa Dios at binigyan Niya ako ng ganitong pagkakataon.

February 22,2011 3am

Power point presentation of the thesis has to be done. This late, the urge to take a nap is really inviting. But the apparent abyss in me to sleep or keep myself awake overpowered the other. I rested my head on the table for a minute or so.  I fought. So I shrugged my shoulders, rotate it forward and backward eight times and typed on. The task was interrupted only with my  son giving instructions. I thought (so he thought so ) we did okay.

Before printing the final copy (and three copies or four copies including his) I decided to make a final scan and read the whole thing.  Some corrections were inadvertently placed to another chapter. I felt at this point there must be no mistake.  Explanation with two heads under pressure with no sleep not even snack to sustain the low level of sugar or water or carbohydrates in our brains. (I have forgotten we needed to have a break) was difficult, if not daunting.

What should one expect at this critical moment?  A rock or classical concert? or fireworks display of EDSA people power celebration with President Noynoy clapping? It was a situation near boiling. I saw and heard teeth gnashing and grinding but no soprano or alto voice could be heard.  My tongue needed to be tamed because if not, some peace negotiation would be on the verge of collapse.

Can I take anti-hypertensive drug without prescription? In my thoughts I asked myself. My thoughts answered back: FOOL.  Reason or emotion? So difficult to conquer oneself. My faculty’s better side triumphed and I am proud. Should I? May be there were other reasons.

Probably I prayed earlier to God, reason prevailed.  The better of us if not the best came victorious. Derek came approached me and said sorry.  I embraced him, smell him, and caressed  his back. It felt good and relaxing and therapeutic and I Thank God. It was a feeling words cannot justify.

It was 4:30 am. I asked him to take a nap beside the bed.  Just beside him was the computer where I continued to type.

At around 1pm my husband, I and Derek, the star in this story, left home for school at around 1pm. It was a good thing I remember to take a  pillow for Derek to sleep on while travelling. He did. It would take an hour. He would be energized and refreshed by the time he wakes up.

Approaching FEU, we woke him up and we stopped along Dapitan to look for a  printshop for printing the final copy of his epic comic book for his defense. “Such a wonderful work of art!” one of the staff in the shop commented.

We left him (our car is prohibited on the streets during rush hours). I passed by UST to file my request for a copy of my transcript of record.

You know what happened? I posted this in a social network sites. I want to shout to the world. This somehow balances the sadness I felt for Libya, Christchurch New Zealand, soldiers robbed of their compensation, even life.

“Thank you God for letting my son Derek passed his thesis defense. The three panelists gave him grades of 90,92 and 93 respectively. It was a very pleasant, sweet reward for real, serious, painstaking art work. Thank you God. We are proud of you Derek.”

God works in mysterious ways….I can not thank Him enough.

A childhood friend now a nurse in Lansing Michigan commented  I’m sooo happy 4 u guys!! Congrats Derek!! U rock!!!

The following day February 23, 2011 readers  here is what I wrote:

“When I wake up today, I knelt down and prayer and post this……Thank you God for giving me another day. You are magnificent. For those who mock your existence, and do not believe, they should think twice…masarap ang pakiramdam ng may DIOS sa buhay.

Then messages kept coming in

  • Lyre a cousin commented:  congrats Derek! 

    Wednesday at 9:51am
    and I wrote back.
    thank you….God willing ilang panahon na lang. Sana loobin ng DIos makagraduate siya.
  • Wednesday at 9:55am
    a new set of messages came:
  • childhood friend from Canada Butch wrote
    good job derek !!!! 

    Wednesday at 11:16am
  • A well known doctor friend from my hometown named Be sent hers:
    manang-mana hane? Congratulations to a dedicated student & an ever devoted mom ! Truly God blesses us in ways we can never fathom…Praise & Glory to His Name !
    (To my readers the expression manang mana hane? is quite not simple to explain or translate in English
    It is like saying “chip of the old block”.  mana means something inherited..when you repeat that manang-mana it is adding a certain degree or emphasis.
    The word hane? Is quite unique in our town. It is usually and always used at the end of a question. It is like asking for confirmation; or answer whether positive or negative.) 

    Wednesday at 11:28am

  • Butch  responded: hmmm tama ka naman be, (referring and agreeing to our doctor friend) 

    Wednesday at 11:36am
  • this author: thank you doctor be. 

    18 hours ago
  • This author to the nurse in Michigan: thank you kapatid. 

    18 hours ago ·
  • This author to Butch: thanks sarrrap ng feelng eh. 

    18 hours ago ·
    Final take for this post.
    when I wake up today, I knelt down and prayer and post this……Thank you God for giving me another day. You are magnificent. For those who mock your existence, and do not believe, they should think twice…masarap ang pakiramdam ng may DIOS sa buhay.

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mother of four, married, female, Filipina, fascinated with Japanese culture
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