UP (University of the Philippines) girls beware from strangers!!! Don’t be too naive.

REPOST: [UPD] Girls beware. Please repost this or tell as many people as you can about it. -from a friend

by Lyrpa Prestoza Mejorada on Thursday, February 17, 2011 at 8:20pm

Totoy’s post reminded me of what I encountered a few years back. I’ve told this story to a couple of people already so that no one will fall prey to this man but this will be the first time that I’m going to post this online.



A few years ago, I was crossing the road near CASAA. A gray car stopped in front of me and the driver rolled down his window. He asked me for directions to the College of Science. So I told him and he expressed confusion. Sabi niya “Puwedeng samahan mo na lang ako?” I don’t know why but I considered helping him out and as I took a step towards the passenger’s side of the car, I remembered the girl who was raped in UP. I lied and told him I still have class and I was already running late. He insisted still and told me he’ll drop me off to wherever I need to go after. When I said no again, he looked irritated and left.



I texted a few of my girl friends about what happened because it felt weird. One of them replied and asked me if he was driving a gray Honda. I said no, it was a dark gray Lancer I think. She asked “Maputi ba siya? Chubby at mukang mabait?” She was right and I quickly realized that something’s up. She told me that the person’s name is Mike. One of her friends was asked by that guy about directions too. I think it was Shopping Center. Once the girl was inside, this guy started telling stories about himself and then he asked if he could masturbate in front of that girl. The girl asked to be dropped off and he obliged. Another friend told me the same thing happened to another person she knows and that his name was Mike too.



A few months after that, I saw him again at the same spot and he asked me again for directions. He was using a different vehicle. It was now a silver box type car. This time, it was the Shopping Center he was asking about. I quickly gave him wrong direction and told him to follow the road of the Acad Oval. He asked “Hindi ba ako dapat liliko kahit san?” He knew I was giving him a wrong answer.  I memorized his plate number then. I can’t recall it now but I remember that the numbers were either 655 or 665. I texted my friends again about it.



The next school year, I saw him in front of Kamia Residence Hall while I was waiting for an Ikot jeep. Sabi niya “Miss, puwedeng magtanong?” I looked him straight in the eye, raised my eyebrow and said a firm no. I got on an Ikot and we were moving behind him. I was going to NCPAG so it was a pretty long ride. I observed him and noticed that he would only stop if a girl is walking by herself. He stopped at Sampa, College of Educ, BA, Econ, IC and SC and went the other way when he couldn’t get any girl to talk to him. He passed by a lot of SSBs and he didn’t stop and ask them for directions.



When I got to class, I was shaking because I realized that in those 2 yrs, he may have had a few girls in his car because he still hasn’t stopped. I asked my professor for a few minutes so I could tell the class about it. I can’t really file a report to the police becuase he didn’t do anything to me, and I cannot really ask the other girls to speak up. My prof told me that we shouldn’t wait for something bad to happen and we should at least tell someone from the college’s office about it. After class we went to the office and I told them the story and gave them the plate number.



After this, I heard another horrible story from one of my friends about a guy named Mike. I guess they still haven’t caught him or something. I knew I should’ve posted this a long time ago but I kept relegating it to the attic of bad memories. I think he only roams around UP but I’m pretty sure he’s not the only one doing this and I’m sure UP is not the only place where things like this happen so please tell as many people as you can about this.


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