Chicken Biryani and childhood memories part 2

Thank you God.  Last night, 16th of February, I just cooked chicken biryani for the first time (as in first time) with great anticipation, nervousness and a little bit scared. But guess what? My husband said. “Ang sarap sarap, busog na busog ako. (This is very delicious. I am really full up to the brim.)  This reminds me of my mother (now deceased) when we were in Sierra Leone, west Africa.  She cooked exactly this dish with the same  smell and taste.” I heard him say ” Hmmmmmmmm” savoring every spoonful. He even suggested to cook for my father in law. I was flattered. It felt good.

Modesty aside, I find the dish also very tasty and the flavor of mint, turmeric, coriander leaves, hot chili pepper ( which I liked) made the this even more mouth watering. Muy delicioso.

Then next judge was my son Derek …he said ” Sarrrap” which means delicious. Thank you God. It felt so, soooooooo gooooooooooood.

The following morning, my youngest son Miko just arrived  from a friend’s place.  I already anticipated him coming home and wanted to welcome him with a hearty breakfast treat  so I reheated the dish for him. He was so hungry, ate and said,  “Mom, can I have a second serving? ”  Obviously he  liked it and I said
“Yes, We already had our second last night. It is really meant for you. Go ahead.” I urged.

Whew… what can I say. I sit and watched him happily while he was eating. It gives one a very nice feeling knowing you have done well to make people you love happy. Thank you God. Thank you vahchef.


About Maria Arlene V. Goyenechea

mother of four, married, female, Filipina, fascinated with Japanese culture
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4 Responses to Chicken Biryani and childhood memories part 2

  1. eliza s. utulo says:

    Well done, mom! keep on cooking & keep on sharing those wonderful food finds…

  2. Fredy says:

    success!!! would love to try your biryani together with our batch..for sure they will loe it!

    • mgoyenec says:

      thank you fredy. yes fredy I would love that. Alam mo ba may get together party ang husband ko with former colleagues sa isang pharmaceutical company at pinagluluto ako ng chicken biryani.

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