Opinions from tech savvy people say geotagging can aid criminals to look for possible prey.  Meanwhile, police said geotagging could aid stalkers and burglars. You are actually telling people where you are with geotagging activated on your Blackberry or iPhone. They added that Geotagging can be used as a tool for doing crime.

A GPS (Global Positioning system)chip in your phone somehow imprints the pictures’ accurate location where you took it and perhaps upload these pictures in your Flicker website or NikonmyPicture and similar others.

When you share your digital photos you are making yourself a potential cyber tracking victim. You might not know it but you could be a possible target of burglars.  For example you went to dine at a local restaurant, took a photo with your smart phone and share it with your friends. Cyber stalker who could be not far from your home may learn about it and take this as an opportunity to rob your home.

Make sure you disable your geo tagging on your smart phones. It is easy click this and check it out.


About Maria Arlene V. Goyenechea

mother of four, married, female, Filipina, fascinated with Japanese culture
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