admonition scorned

a drop of rain that kissed the earth and seek every nook to flow to its final rest – the bosom of the ocean

i seek for you as spontaneous as natural as a seed united to the rich earth.

being nourished by your bounty seemingly infinite,
and grow uninhibited, wishing forever in your arms.

i become myself, bringing out the best and honed me to be what i am. so i thought.

i see life’s beauty
the touch of the warm morning sun,
the coolness of the sea breeze,
the sound of nature , the melody of the birds’ songs are like your voice,

your laughter

the waves as it kissed the oceans , your laughter

the evenings’ sound of the crickets are like the rhythm of your breathing when you sleep.
they all are beautiful and significant
because i enjoy them with you.

life has more color and meaning
because of your gaze,
your smile, i see in the blue sky.
your voice, i hear with the sound of the thunder.
your movements, the gentle wind caressing my face.

feel my love , stay with me forever
let me take away the little poison i planted in your breasts
feel my care, i want to give you strength.
the troubles and heartaches i threw in the heart of your ocean.
i poisoned your breath and i, now, feel sorry for it

the wrath of the warm sun, is now felt.
retaliating swiftly with certain pain
i am going back to you. don’t leave
i will die too. sorry is now meaningless.



About Maria Arlene V. Goyenechea

mother of four, married, female, Filipina, fascinated with Japanese culture
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