My fond memories of Pinagbirayan, Paracale, Camarines Norte

I am the daughter of Pido Palmero Venida now deceased. He hailed from Pinagbirayan, Paracale Camarines Norte and we also lived in Tugos, Paracale for a while when I was still a tiny girl, a short distance from the bridge. I always envied my brother Arnel Venida for they can go dive from the bridge to the sea river underneath because I cannot swim at the time. I also happened to live with my Lolo Hemin and Lola in Pinagbirayan and I have good memories when it rains and my lola was telling me I can get gold nuggets along the road where the water flows…I had not gotten one.She managed to give me a pair of gold earrings which she has harvested or bought from those who panned gold. Sad to say I lost them because I was just a little girl. I had good vivid memories with my Ate Eden Venida, daughter of Mario Venida where we go up the mountain in Pinagbirayan to see my cousins, sons and daughters of my Uncle Sancho. We took a pump boat to Paracale and we had fun riding the paragos. Ha-ha- ha ..paragos is a carabao drawn vehicle. I am laughing while I was writing this…..So cool it was a one of the best rides of my life and would not trade it for any luxury ride..So very very basic animated laughter and giggles..Going back my Uncle Sancho was a good looking mestizo and he was a kind man. During copra time, I have my stomach full of tubo ng niyog which I really relished. I want to go back there with my Ate Leonora de Claro (now married to Conrado Lalin) who is my beautiful cousin. It is a really burning desire to see those huge black volcanic rock as big as a house while clear water from the mountain streamed down the smaller rocks. We also get some bulala fruits and ferns for our pako and suso ( a black snail with green flesh) with thick coconut milk. oh i really want to go there.


About Maria Arlene V. Goyenechea

mother of four, married, female, Filipina, fascinated with Japanese culture
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