Jueteng is a way of life. Even children are being asked by their parents to go to a neighbor who (could be a kumpare or godfather of the child) is a kubrador to put its bet. Even a mother who just got out of bed in the morning will rush to a kubrador to place bet on a number that showed up in her dreams the night before believing she will win the day’s lottery.

Sandra Cam said Retired Lingayen Archbishop Cruz has four other witnesses who she discouraged to come out unless the law on witness protection program is passed or they have to face the consequences endangering their lives. These four said it cannot “stomach” and felt nauseated by generals allegedly receiving money from jueteng.
Meanwhile, Archbishop Cruz refused to name names even if President Aquino asked him. He said billions of intelligence budget is in the hands of the administration and he a poor, old and retired bishop being asked to name names. “Come on” he said. “Kayo naman ang maghanap.” Arch. Cruz admitted a jueteng lord attempted to offer help to repair a seminary damaged by typhoon last year but he did not accept the money. He claimed 8 dioceses in Luzon and Visayas received jueteng money.

If these four witnesses one of whom, from Crame, will come out, Sandra Cam continues, these four will be likened to Boy Mayor who was shot dead days after he called her telling he will be coming out. Boy Mayor told her the jueteng money he was giving is delivered to Bacalzo by certain Boy Tangkad, who was also reported killed. Sandra Cam said the newly appointed PNP chief, General Bacalso has its take on the jueteng payola. DILG Sec. Robredo said “kailangan makasuhan.” But Sandra Cam and Archbishop Cruz agreed there were no paper trail and it is difficult to prove. Money is exchanged by hand or thru emissary. How could the administration encourage witnesses when it cannot get evidence? Sandra Cam narrated whistleblower Dante Madriaga has seven kids and his house in BF homes was foreclosed. Another whistleblower Marlon Mendoza changed his identity on his own deliberately growing a beard to escape notice.
She said when she implicated Iggy and Mikey Arroyo nothing came out of it and her family suffered. She added one time she even went to Pampanga unescorted in her mind saying “parepareho lang naman tayong mamamatay pero ipinararamdam ko lang sa iyo na hindi ako natatakot.” –
Sandra Cam had the guts and the balls.. ..very courageous lady.

However, headlines on the television was “Verzosa steps down; Bacalzo new PNP chief. Bacalzo took office as the new PNP chief and was tasked by Pres. Aquino to end jueteng. A white paper is being circulated in the PNP linking Bacalzo to drugs and jueteng.Meanwhile, DILG Sec.Robredo said it will seek to strengthen STL (small town lottery) with the whole process aired on national TV to fight jueteng.

Richard Garcia a former whistleblower told Archbishop Cruz to stop his crusade against jueteng because according to him it is impossible to stop jueteng, “Wala rin naming mangyayari, sayang lang ang pera ng bayan.” “Nothing will come out of it . It’s a waste of people’s money.”

Sandra Cam said she first appealed to P-Noy by writing a letter twice in behalf of the jueteng whistleblowers. One of the letters was sent to Ochoa. Apparently she said they did not pay attention. She even challenged DILG and PNP on the appointment of PNP Chief Bacalso when he was mentioned on the take on jueteng payola by Boy Mayor who was killed in a shooting incident in QC.
Calling upon the President, Sandra Cam in behalf of her fellow small whistleblowers, asked P-Noy to listen to their tiny voices who are all professionals, now impoverished, to look after their welfare. She said “I can see in your PNP chief appointment that you are in the “baluktot na daan” (crooked path) not in the “matuwid na daan.”


About Maria Arlene V. Goyenechea

mother of four, married, female, Filipina, fascinated with Japanese culture
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