The tragic hostage taking event at the Quirino Grandstand has made the two nations sad if not the rest of the world. Many said it could have been prevented. The mistake that has been committed has been costly. No amount of compensation can cover the lives lost.
During the early part of the hostage taking,MPD Spokesperson Police Insp. Police Insp. Erwin Margarejo said hostage taker Sr.Supt Rolando Mendoza’s demeanor was courteous and added the use of force is not a priority and will be a last resort to end the hostage crises. By around noontime another 7th hostage was released and was escorted by Supt. Orlando Yebra, the chief negotiator. The Chinese embassy said it is confident with the authorities handling the situation.

The father of hostage taker Leonardo Mendoza said he was saddened by his son’s act and never noticed anything unusual before the incident. He added he is hoping for P-Noy to look into his son’s case. SPO2 Gregorio Mendoza, brother of hostage taker Supt. Rolly Mendoza said he ventilated to him the he was dismissed from service by the Ombudsman without hearing while he has a pending motion for reconsideration.

What happened with Sr. Supt. Rolando Mendoza’s case was that he was dismissed without a hearing. The office of the Ombudsman must give light to the case. Earlier today in a television interview Vice Mayor Isko Moreno said the government is playing a blame game and said it is creating another Captain Mendoza.
This is a wakeup call for the Philippine government to attend to restless soldiers like Mendoza. It is not so nice to hear Vice Mayor Isko Moreno forewarning the government but “damn if you do and damned if you don’t” is what seemed to be the atmosphere as Sen. Bong Revilla said in the senate hearing. The SWAT team has risked their lives to prevent Mendoza from killing all on board the bus. They tried their best. But still, there are many who would definitely say their best was not good enough.
Aquino administration has its first taste of an international crisis. It is now facing a big challenge how to make amends for its shortcomings and rebuild its dented image.

For our fellow human beings in Hongkong, we never liked what happened. It is a very unpleasant learning experience. Pain of losing a love one crosses boarders. It does not favor a race or culture. Your pain is also our pain. Let us draw strength from each other and rise above it as a better people of the world.


About Maria Arlene V. Goyenechea

mother of four, married, female, Filipina, fascinated with Japanese culture
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