First and foremost I want to thank God we were still given the chance to see the light of day. Ohayo, Ola, Hello world. I am proud to tell you we have a new President here in the Philippines and he means business. His name is Benigno Simeon Cojuangco Aquino III, the only son of the late Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. and President Corazon C. Aquino. A lot of local celebrities attended the inauguration and no less than Charice Pempengco sang the Philippine National Anthem, very appropriately this time.
I also want my readers to know that I am very happy and delighted because I feel the sincerity of the new president when he delivered his inaugural speech.
Several issues have been raised in his inaugural speech which ordinary people finds as an answer to their prayers. The annoying siren indiscriminately used by arrogant haughty officials even there is no need for it is very popular. The new President said it will prohibit unauthorized use of siren, when said in his speech in our native language Filipino “Bawal na ang naghaharihariang de wang wang dito.” The citizens quickly picked it up from there and as a feedback immediately an “isumbong mo wang wang dito “ facebook site was created. This early 3,729 already liked it. It is an affirmation that a lot of ordinary citizen find abuse of its use displeases majority of our people.

I felt personally that this administration is closing in on the detestable corrupt government officials who were involved in shady deals but were never apprehended by the past administration. The public will be eagerly watching the Hello Garci scandal, the fertilizer scam, the ZTE-NBN deal, Maguindanao massacre to name a few. This is a daunting task and a big challenge for the Aquino administration. The citizens however, need to do its share that will ease the burden of the cross he has to carry.
When that day comes it will be a sigh of relief for the Filipino citizens and foreign investors as well. A possible domino effect like robust business is likely to turn out because of the administration’s clear-cut policy on corruption. U.S. Ambassador to the Philippines Harry Thomas said it will “level the playing field.” He noted a similarity when President Aquino said what US President Barack Obama said that the people are his boss.
True to his word my dear readers, President Aquino spent his first night still at his Times Street residence. But watch this, very unassuming, when he reported for work today, the convoy has no siren, just like her late mother.
Meanwhile the Aquino sisters opt to spend and have a private lunch to give way to others who wish to greet their brother. On his own, Aquino attended to dignitaries and officials at Malacañang for its inaugural dinner party.
However, words are circulating which was verbalized by former President Estrada. He has apprehensions about the appointment of Truth commissioner Davide. He said Davide was also appointed ambassador by President Arroyo and that he owes her. Estrada questioned “What will happen if the former Pres Arroyo is tried? She might be exonerated.” This will be an acid test for Davide and prove to the Filipino nation that he will align his office to what President has said yesterday. No reconciliation without justice.


About Maria Arlene V. Goyenechea

mother of four, married, female, Filipina, fascinated with Japanese culture
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