here comes ROBIN PADILLA

On Robin Padilla …you will know more about Robin Padilla if you caught him being interviewed by Karen Davila on her program HEADSTART this morning May 31, 2010. In case you didn’t here are some note-taking quotes.
On people’s comments that he is handsome, he politely answered he doesn’t know what handsome means but said he knows what beautiful is while looking at Karen Davila’s eyes. (On the background you can hear the staff cheers!)
He is intelligent and seemed to be very at peace with himself. There is no hint of bitterness and goodness seemed to emanate from the man. A Moslem convert, he said he does not believe in Muslim extremists stating that … terrorists are self-proclaimed Moslem. He further explained a real Muslim loves peace.
“Ang Islam po ay kapayapaan. Mas naging Kristyano po ako ng maging Muslim ako. In fact may chapter po mismo si Jesus Christ, Virgin Mary po sa Qur’an. Ang Muslim po ay may pagmamahal sa Dios sa sarili niya, sa kapwa nya……”
On his name as Muslim “Abdul Azziz ang ibig sabihin po ay servant of the Almighty.”
Apparently Robin Padilla is not just an actor. He stands for what he believed in and deeds that could help his fellowman. The ad campaign for the Trust condom was not offered to him. He said he approached and applied to the owner personally. His concern for the overpopulation in the country alarms him especially the health and education of children and calls for people to be responsible and not to run away from problems (or he might mean responsibilities.) Explaining he does not want to antagonize anybody, he further elaborated, “kung tayo ay mas dadami pa .. huwag tatakbuhan ang problema.”
He was definitely charming and very candid in his answers. His hosting at the noontime show Wowowie created an issue about him courting Mariel (who recently admitted she broke off with boyfriend Zanjoe.) He denied this saying that Mariel Rodriguez is “napakaganda ni Mariel nasa kanya lahat ng katangian siempre dapat malinaw, hindi naman tayo basta na lang papasok.”
Apparently he did not want to get into a relationship when Mariel he said is “taken na!” Revealing wala namang lalaki na hindi babae ang kahinaan.
An unexpected turn of the interview has revealed his relationship with Sharon Cuneta when Karen noticed a tattoo on his wrist. One story led to another that made him showed a tattoo on his left chest with Sharon’s name inside a heart. He recalled how he was arrested at the airport, “hinuli ako sa airport, dinala ako saCrame…..kailangan ko ng tulong dumating siya hindi ko na kinalimutan pinalagay ko.” Referring to the tattoo.
When asked why he did not join politics “Wala akong plano……ang Jose Padilla unang myembro ng …ang tatay ko ay gobernador.. iba ang politika noon. Noon, ikaw ang nagbibigay sa tao.. ngayon ang politiko kinukuha mo ang sa tao…”. He said he is contented to become a ranchero when he retires. He reveals he has a foundation and adds ” wala akong sinesave, nasa foundation…He believes doing good deeds while one is still young adding “Kailan tayo mag-uumpisang magbigay ng kabutihan? pag matanda ka na? baka .. hindi na naman tanggapin ng Diyos? Not into expensive clothes, he admitted The clothes he is wearing are from his sponsors. He was very polite, charismatic and a gentleman.
He gamely sang a song initially looking at Karen but he faced the camera before the viewers when he learned Karen is married and has two children. You can hear the staff broke into laughter. At the end of the program, he asked for Karen’s hand to kiss it. The guy can really entertain just being himself.


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mother of four, married, female, Filipina, fascinated with Japanese culture
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