Will Willie be back?

Willie Revillame surprised televiewers on national television when he demanded ABS-CBN management to fire Mr. Sucaldito or else he will resign. It was followed by his filing of an “indefinite leave.”
Leaving the show in mid-air, ABS-CBN put Robin Padilla as guest host. It seems ABS-CBN is experimenting to create a new picture of the show. A lady is heard saying Robin is not “mayabang.”
Robin Padilla is very gentleman when he says he notified Willie Revillame before he accepted the hosting of “Wowowie” noontime show. Reports say there are a lot of positive feedbacks  received by the program especially from the ladies. They really liked Robin Padilla. However, he says he is just a temporary fill-in. What a humble gentleman! A far contrast from the one he replaced. Well, it is really no surprise even her previous leading ladies cannot deny the fact – that is the character of Robin.
Not everyone has the chance to get an employment that pays that high as a noontime host. It is undeniable that Willie Revillame has his part of wealth and treasures he got from hosting the noontime show. It is nonetheless already a great blessing to thank God for and the innuendos thrown at him by Sucaldito should be the least among his problems.
An interview was reportedly given by Willie Revillame to another channel. What does Willie want to communicate to the people? To his network where he is still a talent? (Is he?) There was no word yet from ABS-CBN if he is fired or not. Willie’s action did put the network in an awkward situation which necessitates it to address his absence. It is a critical decision to keep the standing of the noontime show as to viewership ratings. We know that it is a show business. People want to be entertained during lunch breaks and they want the best. So ABS-CBN has to act swiftly before it brings the ratings down.

Perhaps, Willie is already very secured even a lot of bills are piling up. Maybe he will be getting better offers. Or retire early?

I remember an old adage “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.”


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5 Responses to Will Willie be back?

  1. abs-cbn is at fault for always coddling monster like revillame thinking that he is indespensable.
    his outburst and tirades against his home channel is a reflection of his character,pinhead,proud,wicked.
    if i were mr.gabby lopez i should kick him out pronto.wala syang utang na loob sa istasyon bumuhay sa kanya

    • mgoyenec says:

      Thanks for the input. I remember an old adage “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.” We all have to learn this time the price is high.

  2. lily says:

    Robin is good but needs time to polish up.Wowowee has no dull moments w/ Willie as a host but he needs to keep his feet on the ground at all times and stop embarrassing contestants and co hosts.I think the show is great if mgt will keep both (Willie and Robin) or each one has different days hosting same program.

    • mgoyenec says:

      A professor has related a story that in a graduation ceremony in one of the universities in Manila this month Gabby Lopez was the Guest of Honor. He reportedly remarked to Charo it was a good idea to have a show with a similar theme, (meaning graduation) and perhaps jokingly or matter of factly remarked “Una na nating pa ga-graduatin si WIlly.”

  3. i love Willie very much all along of his noontime show then this such thing hapenned, i dislike him now base on his action, yes i agree that he is sooooooo mayabang now a days just bcz he is sooooo rich now, I REALLY ENJOY ROBIN PADILLA AS A PERMANENT HOST TO THIS SHOW, BUT WAIT I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW IF STILL REMAIN WOWOWEE AS THE NAME OF THIS NOONTIME SHOW IF WILLIE LEAVES ABS-CBN??

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