Life is lost in fraternity hazing

Today’s news reports say:
Cavite,Trece Martirez, PHILIPPINES An 18-year-old engineering student from Mapua Institute of Technology Daniel Lorenz Jacinto died from hazing. The youth asked permission to play basketball from his parents, took their cell phones so they could not contact him. He did not come home that day (and will never be). He was already dead when he was rushed to the hospital by the suspects due to heavy beatings. The video footage showed his back thighs and legs were black and blue. The security guard of the hospital became suspicious and immediately notified the police before the suspects could flee. Report identified the suspects as engineering students of Mapua Institute of Technology. They refused to talk and name the fraternity where they belong. The video shows the agony of the grieving parents.
This is one of the worst stories for parents like every one of us. This is beyond comprehension.
Who is the mastermind? Who ordered this? There must be someone higher responsible for this activity. Is there a procedure that has to be followed when conducting hazing? Are they being trained for this? What is in the minds of these youths? What kind of feeling do they have while doing the act? While the victim is shouting and obviously they can hear and see the expression on the victim’s face what was on their mind? Are they humans at that time? If they are still humans, why kill? Can’t they tell when to stop? What kind of instinct is this? If they experience hazing as recruits they must have received less beating because they survive. Why execute these and render the victim dead?
As a parent, this act must not be tolerated and must be stopped. Love is not in here but I see hate. Who in his right mind beat his brother to death if it advocates for brotherly love as fraternity connotes. This is despicable, wicked, and a criminal act. There is no sense torturing and killing to uphold an ideology of fraternity. What has gone through the heads of these youth who are involved? This must be a mind of a killer working. There is no logic or reason for this. Why do this? We have laws for animals and animal neglect and abuse is an offense. More so hurt, abuse, and eventually kill a human being for fraternity’s cause is difficult to understand. If it is not intentional, why did they not stop at one point?
What motivated them to push the beating further? Are they unfeeling, insensitive to the scream and probably the victim was already begging for mercy to stop the beating? There must be some point where they could have averted it? Why don’t they stop? Don’t they have mercy? Are they drunk? Drugged? They are humans too! Where is that character and dignity as a human being at that point? Have they lost it? Why? There is a lot of explaining to do for these offenders.
These are engineering students of MIT as the news report says. These are individuals who want to study and eventually earn a degree. The future holds a lot of promise for them. These must be sane individuals. They are not crazy. Before they go to college they should pass entrance tests. Have they gone insane? The parents of the victims must be asking these questions. Probably they almost die if not part of them dies. A death of a love one is the most painful to bear. It is top among stressors. This is a senseless way to lose one’s dear life. This must not happen again.
The offenders as well as the victim have been misguided by whoever introduces this indoctrination of fraternity in its young minds. This is not a fraternity of love. It is its opposite. The method for its entry is evil and must be condemn. These must be equally devastating for their parents (of the suspects) as well.
The authorities must conduct a thorough investigation and bring those responsible to justice. It must protect the youth from danger in the hands of these misguided devil monsters masquerading as vanguards of brotherhood. If this can happen to them, the next victim might be your child, or our child.


About Maria Arlene V. Goyenechea

mother of four, married, female, Filipina, fascinated with Japanese culture
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