Ohayo! Fellow Filipino citizens exercise your right to vote but do it wisely. Even for the party list representative we must be very prudent in our choice. The media is overwhelmed by the election related development in the country. Media networks dedicate portion of its programs to feature candidates so the public will be able to choose among the candidates. In this busy world, media plays a very significant role in one’s awareness not only of the candidates’ plans and programs but also show a glimpse of their personal life. Television networks, business sectors, NGOS initiated healthy discussions and debates to inform the public of who will they choose as future president. Here is an update of what is going on Presidential election Philippine style.
• The Senate’s Oversight Committee is not to be outdone as it is replicating actual scenarios of the Election Day in the Senate. Rep. Teddy Boy Locsin, committee chair says 200 voters, most of them employees in the Senate started voting at around 8.30 in the morning and ended before 11:00 am. He says “if you knew who you are voting it will take a short time, apparently there was no hitch.”
• We have six presidential bets who are reprimanded by COMELEC for violating fair election practice and reminds candidates of possible disqualification. They are given until Friday March 26 to remove their posters.

• Senatorial candidate Kit Tatad says he will run because there is lack of intellectual and moral and balance in the senate.
• Dr Wilfrido Villacorta member of constitutional commission and co-sponsor of the party list system (with Christian Monsod ) says he is not happy because “The COMELEC has abused that ruling not only in allowing the party list groups but also in the use of party list representatives. Party list representative should come from the group which they represent. If one has to study these current party list groups, one will realize that many of them are not really from marginalized sector.”
So if one has to vote for a party list group choose one that already has a track record and credible.
• Bayan Muna Party List representative Teddy Casino will file a disqualification case against Mikee Arroyo’s nomination as party list representative of Ang Galing because he is an incumbent congressman and a son of a sitting president.
• President Gloria Arroyo’s running for congress as well as his allies is seen by many as a plot to keep the president in power. His son, Mikee for his part cannot keep himself from running as he now officially represent Ang Galing party list which is composed of security guards and tricycle drivers.

• Mikee Arroyo is only laughing off the issue saying he does not violate the constitution even saying that those who throws criticisms have “live lives of kings and queens and comfortable ..they have charmed life before they embrace the party list and what his critics are doing are unchristian. “
• Meanwhile, COMELEC chief Jose Melo commented that tricycle drivers who did not finish college cannot represent a party list. This sparks displeasure among party list candidates
• In the middle of all these mounting questions and criticisms COMELEC Chair Jose Melo admits that the law has its flaws in the party list system and eyes resolution for party list nominations.
There must be a further qualification in identifying and certifying what “marginalized” is. There are no definitive guidelines who will be the rightful nominee to represent the marginalized sector. With so many loopholes a lot of people are taking advantage of it.
He says “there are more than 300 applicants, only a fraction of that was certified, the party list nominee could still be addressed through a petition and come up with a resolution whether or not he should come from the group which he represent. “
• A celebrity doctor, Dr. Manny Calayan will run as party list representative of Alyansa ng Media at Showbiz because he thinks it fits him and can help the sector.
The Philippine election scenario is becoming very interesting. But we still not cover the ARMM and other hotspot area like Vigan, Batangas, Cavite and other areas. I will keep you an update. Thank you for reading my blog. See you later..Arigato Gozaimashita!


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