A new AFP Chief of Staff is named. He is Lt. Gen Rodolfo Bangit and he assures the nation that he will not allow anybody to use him in politics. Amid speculations of failure of election he answered the Philippines will have a credible election. His close association with the president made him not the best choice but he defended that he did not receive any illegal order from her.
He commented that the timing of his appointment is so “critical that I will not allow any body to use me for partisan politics sa Dios lang ako magpapagamit..I had to make sure that our country has a president who is alive to serve you ..every time I got promoted because i kowtowed or I will be used for something illegal the reason I have so much respect for the president is because never have i received any illegal order from her. I am sorry if that ‘s not what you want from me but that is the truth…”
He pleaded to everybody to spare the arm forces from politics and focus instead on its mission to continue with modernization efforts. He even commented “we should be at par with our neighbors” perhaps hinting on several air related accidents that happened in the first quarter of the year that killed eight in Cotabato and recently OV-10 military plane that crashed on a training flight north of Manila on February 24, killing the two air force pilots on board.

Let us give our new boss the benefit of the doubt. The President has the prerogative to choose her team. If you are a President you will appoint somebody whom you have a complete trust.


About Maria Arlene V. Goyenechea

mother of four, married, female, Filipina, fascinated with Japanese culture
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