Let us keep predators away from an innocent prey.


Not many are aware what PSL or personality safety lesson is. It is actually a module or program about how to guard against child abuse. Zeny Rosales, Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Sexual Abuse (CPTSA) officer informs the public that the anti-sexual abuse class will be taught in public school in coordination with the Philippine’s Department of Education.

The Laws that protect children are the following:

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the child provides: Article 19. The state is obliged to protect and develop social programs to ensure that the child is free from any form of physical or mental abuse, neglect or exploitation (including sexual) by anyone including the parents or anyone who has the responsibility to look after the child. Thus, even a child’s own parents may not hurt the child. Article 34 – The child has the right to be protected from sexual abuse and exploitation including prostitution and pornography. This only means that no one may do an act or say a word to the child, or ask a child to do or say something that would be tantamount to any form of sexual abuse.

In the Philippines it has RA 7610 – Special Protection of Filipino Children Against Child Abuse, Exploitation and Discrimination

This law is the Anti-child Abuse Law of the Philippines. It defines certain acts of child abuse (neglect and abandonment, and physical, emotional and sexual abuse) and other forms of acts that would deter the development of the child.

The Department of Education or (DepEd) released an order institutionalizing the use of the Personal Safety Lessons (PSL) in both elementary and secondary schools nationwide.

Why? It will be included in the curriculum simply because child abuse especially sexual is continually rising in the Philippines.

Department of Education’s Personality Safety Lessons institutionalization will start in June 2010, but not in all public schools yet. The CPTSA will have to conduct teachers training. The Philippine National Police will be helping in this project.  From her long time experience, “You can expect cases to rise like rape and incest. Children came in after teaching the lesson. That is the reason why there is a need to institutionalize. This is anti-violence program that empower children the focus of the program is teaching the child about child abuse, and how to say no. that they have the right to say no. They are taught if the touch is not any more comfortable or safe. They need to know or we have to tell sometimes if they were touched in a wrongful manner. Children must learn that their body belongs to them and that their uncle has no right to touch them especially if it is in sensitive body parts. They must be taught about the boundary. This program will make the child learn to be more responsible when it comes to touching their body.” Rosales emphasized.

Child sexual abuse is against the law. If you are in any child caring profession, you are ethically mandated to report the case to the Department of Social Welfare and Development or to the Police. Let us keep predators away from an innocent prey.

please see : http://www.cptcsa.org/

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