Last February 14, 2010 The Philippines Department of Health gave away flowers with coupons, which entitles the recipient free condoms. DOH does not give the condoms readily. The flowers are given with a coupon. The coupons has to be surrendered which entitles them to free condoms. At this point they are advised about abstinence being the best way to avoid being infected and the dangers of HIV/AIDS. Pack of five condoms per person were given.

The church condemns the activity and described it as immoral. The Philippines has predominantly Roman Catholic faithful. The church prohibits use of contraceptives to address population control.

25 February 2010

Health Secretary Esperanza Cabral officially declares that HIV/AIDS IS NOW AN EPIDEMIC in the Philippines so the agency will continue giving out condoms to prevent the spread of the disease. She says only the president can stop her doing what is expected of her agency to do because there is now an epidemic of HIV/AIDS. Earlier the church criticized her for the distribution of condoms on Valentine’s Day at Dangwa, a place noted for selling all kinds of flowers.  This angered the Catholic Church.

DOH secretary Esperanza Cabral reports that from 4400 HIV/AIDS positive last 2009 “HIV-AIDS could balloon to 8000 in 2010. I think this is not the kind of legacy that this government wants to leave. If there are things that we should have been doing but we did not do ….because it is being blocked by other organizations or these people then the blame is not on us but by other group.

On the other side however,-“Parang iniencourage ng Department of Health na ang mamamayang Pilipino ay okay lang mag extra marital sex, premarital sex. Kung ang sex ay gagamitin lamang  sa tamang contexto hindi lalaganap ang aids.”  Lumalaganap ang AIDS kasi ginagamit outside..halimbawa sa marriage pupunta sa ibang babae..says Monsignor Pedro Quitorio of the Catholic Church.

It seems the Department of Health encourages the Filipino community to have extra marital sex, premarital sex. If sex is to be used within the right context AIDS will not spread. AIDS is spreading because it is used outside for example in marriage ..(the spouse)  will go to other woman ….

Majority of the Filipinos are Catholics. Married people must be faithful to their partners. Having sex outside of marriage endangers partners and it is considered sinful to be unfaithful.


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mother of four, married, female, Filipina, fascinated with Japanese culture
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