Sarswela ang ganda…(Zarzuela how beautiful)

“The songs are timeless the songs were written in 1902 and you will hear it accompanied by live orchestra.. The audience, the youth in particular can connect with their cultural roots..   A very entertaining way to learn the lives of Filipinos before…

WHAT: Walang Sugat:Isang Sarsuwela

VENUE: Tanghalang Henry Lee Irwin Theater, Ateneo De Manila University

WHEN: February 24–27, 2010

Directed by:  Ricardo Abad

This is a unique and rare treat for the public. A Sarsuwela in 2010!

Before the musicals came to the Philippines, we have sarswela a very popular entertainment at the time. If the affluent has opera, the ordinary Filipino folks have Sarsuela. Expect a showcase of humour and songs set against the Spanish colonial rule. What is beautiful watching shows like this is you get to see how the Filipino men and women dress during the 1900’s. Long skirts and even the ankles should not show. Women were taught to be ladylike and fine mannered.

Nobody knows what Sarsuela is among the youth nowadays. Walang Sugat will relive the entertainment of the past. The comic Lucas, a funny character, will entertain audience.

For information of our youth Sarsuela came about in 1902. The superstar of Sarsuela was Atang de la Rama. Sarsuela was the only form of social entertainment when there were no movies yet. Thanks to Severino Reyes and Fulgencio Tolentino who wrote “Walang Sugat” which is about a love story of Julia and Tenyong. Julia’s parents disapprove of Tenyong and prefer an ilustrado instead. Tenyong is a Felibustero.  It became Julia’s problem. She wants to resolve the situation but….the remainder of the story will be answered if you watch the show. What is unique about the show was they add a touch of contemporary issues. There are songs and dance. We get to know the genius of Severino Reyes. The songs’ message is timeless. There is a message of hope. Just like the Philippines today. Inspite of the natural calamities typhoons, flooding, that besieged the country, there is hope among the people.

Direk Ricardo Abad shares, “The theme is nation building because it is also a story about love for mother country against the colonial oppression. It is also about a love story but with a lot of hope despite the odds.”

One of the senior actors excitedly commented that the experience is very enriching because they get to work with young people and learn from them. There is a scene where you are allowed to release emotion and cry, which was set in the final leg.

It is Ateneo’s first major Sarswela

Director Ricardo Abad even promotes the show himself. Josefino Tolledo is the musical director.  Jonjon Villareal is the lighting director. Dexter Santos choreographs. National Artist Salvador Bernal designs the set and costumes.
Part of the proceeds from ticket sales will go to the Ateneo de Manila University’s program for 500 scholarships this year, and to Agenda for Hope.

The show runs February 24–27, 2010 at the Henry Lee Irwin Theater, Ateneo de Manila University. For tickets call Ia Solis at 0921-2585000.

“Huwag tayong paloloko sa kandidatong gumagastos siguradong babawiin iyan” –(Let us not be fooled by candidate who spends, surely they would take it back)

Richard Gordon, Philippine Presidential candidate on May 2010 election


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