SALUTE AND WELCOME TO A HERO. (After recovering from a life threatening injury in the US)

A Filipino who has sacrificed a lot might benefit boxers in the US (Nevada) is no other than Z Gorres. Supporters are pushing for a bill. This is a bill, which provides for  $1 million insurance coverage for a boxer in any fight. It is named after Z, the Gorres bill.

After recovering from a life threatening injury in the US, which doctors’ claim, short of miracle, Z Gorres is back in his home country the Philippine Islands. He said he feels okay though he has a mild cough and colds. He attributes this to the changing climate in Las Vegas. “There will be rain then it will be warm.. I still cannot walk at lengths but my rehabilitation therapy is continuing to help me walk back. In my assessment as my doctor said I might not be able to go back to professional boxing, but I am very very happy  I will be able to see my children. I want to thank all the people who helped and prayed for me in Las Vegas and all who supported me ” he said. He arrived together with his wife and an attending physician.

Gorres fought against Luis Melendez on November 14, 2009, when he fell but was able to get up and won the fight. After that he was rushed to the hospital as he collapsed. The hospital authorities found a blood clot in his brain. Doctors immediately performed brain surgery on him and what doctors described as short of miracle, he remarkably recovers fast. Dr.Calderon, his physician, was amazed by his recuperation as he can now move his left limbs.

One historic offshoot of the incident is that the Filipino community and other boxers banded together and gave unconditional support for the injured boxer. One of them is the People’s Champ Manny Pacquiao who helped raise funds for him.  Gorres’ hospital bills climbed to $562,000. His wife Datchess expressed her gratitude to Pacquiao and all the people who helped them.

His plight has very noble twist and might be a milestone in boxing history in terms of  athletes’ protection. Today, injured boxers are only covered up to $50,000. Frank Slaughter a boxing trainer at the University of Las Vegas, who originally proposed for the bill is one with the doctors, boxers other supporters who banded together to push forth Gorres bill in Nevada which aims to raise the boxer’s insurance coverage from $50,000 to $1 million in any fight. Salute to you Z Gorres.
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