Hot air balloon ride for a cause

Capt. Joy Roa representative of 15th Philipppine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, invites the public to witness the activity on February 11 –14, 2010 at 5:30 at Clark Freeport Zone. Everybody goes to see the Philippines Islands the country and the culture. Balloonist all over the world come over for the event. They plan for it year after year for camaraderie because they share the same interests. Para gliders from UK, Germany, France, Thailand, Sweden, and Malaysia are joining in. Every year there is costume awarding. The costume changes every year. Last year they wear barong at saya the Filipino national costume. This year, the costume should suit the theme which is flight suit party.

Entrance fee: P150.00

Balloon shapes and design. The design could be anything that flies, even a bird, a beer bottle shaped, turtle shaped balloon.A lot of shapes can be seen.

Activities: Ballooning, aeromodelling, flight line tours, kite flying, light aircraft, paragliding and skydiving. This is the first year that there will be a tandem jump. A trained British skydiver will conduct the tandem jump. The partner has to share the expense. The tandem dive costs $150 per jump the cost covers the expense for the rent of the airplane to have the jump. There would be kites flyers. They even dance as they fly the kites. Expect very interesting performance. It will be a great spectacle of colors as the balloons fly in the sky. There is a certain venue where they conduct a seminar in an air-conditioned tent right inside the area. The organization wants them to start a career in aviation and maybe change the industry. Any first timer can come. A lot of trained skydiver will be available.

Time for family bonding. It is not only activities for enthusiasts but also a gathering of the grandfather with their grandchildren and everybody in between. This will interest a lot of viewers.

Safety tips: When riding a hot air balloon one must dress casually. No open toe shoes or high heel shoes are allowed. Most balloons are from 60,000 cubic feet to 140,000 cubic feet. When TJ Manotoc, a journalist, experienced riding, he described that they landed sideways. He cautioned that the landing might not be smooth and one could see himself on top of the other and sustain mild bruises and scratches if you did not have the proper attire. Aviation is very interesting but it also has to be safe. Aviation is not about showing off. It is important to read and understand the manuals.

Why they come? The reason they come every year is the generated friendship that has been developed through the years and they want to maintain that friendship.

Objective: All the flying schools are invited. The organization wants to entice the kids to come and see the possibility of considering and start aviation as a career. The organization encourages the young kids thinking and deciding they want to change and volunteerism. The proceeds will go to a foundation to sponsor deserving students who will take up aviation.

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